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Antique Brick is recovered from historical buildings in many areas of the Southeast. The rich texture of antique brick and availability makes it a natural choice for custom home builders and architects; to add a pleasingly graceful and stylish appearance to their projects. Reclaimed brick can be used as an exterior brick or on the interior in walls, archways, backsplashes, and floors.

We stock authentic Old St. Louis, Old Mobile, West Alabama Antique, Birmingham Reds. Other selections are offered as they become available. Old Savannah,  Old Chicago, New Orleans Tan, and Hard Tan, are some of the other antique brick we have provided to our customers.
Historic Rare Antique Brick with rustic forms and old fashion shades lend nostalgic appeal to these unusual and old bricks



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Just cleaned and ready to use. These “jumbo” sized brick reclaimed from historic buildings and structures lend detail and character to your estate. Most were handmade in the old south. No two are exactly alike; each is distinguished by the aged clay, chips, and cracks weathered to a softer color with a unique personality.







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