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Historic Brick is a tremendous, versatile, and great-looking wall sub-straight option for homeowners to select. It provides advantages that are commonly unseen in other kinds of siding, namely vinyl and aluminum. Brick is a wholly natural product made from differing clays with water and therefore, is a dense and porous siding option that has excellent thermal retention.

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You will find bricks in various varieties and grades; yellow bricks have already been fired which makes them fireproof, which makes them the perfect choice when creating a fireplace or BBQ pit.

Next, you might have standard house bricks which in most cases are unappealing to the eye, because they are supposed to have been engrossed in a layer of plaster or stucco.

Finally, we now have the facial area brick; this is the one you will use as brick siding because they are sturdy and attractive to the attention.

Face bricks can be found in a dizzying variety of tones and shades to meet your design requirements for your home.

With old south brick siding, there are lots of choices for the homeowner to pick from which range from inexpensive to rather costly. The typical face brick is of comparable shape and size to some house brick; next, there is a brick veneer that is essentially an ultra-thin brick, and lastly cut stone may also fall under this category.

Most of these various kinds of brick offer similar benefits, and ultimately this is the depth of the budget that lets you choose cut stone spanning a thin brick veneer.

Installing brick is much more labor-intensive than vinyl or aluminum, as brick sidings have to be securely located in a place with mortar. This is work for a siding contractor until you, because the homeowner, is skilled in bricklaying or stone work. It is essential to keep in mind when installing your brick siding, to utilize a weather-resistant barrier between the siding and base materials to make sure no water or dampness can seep into the house itself.

With brick, it is vital to use a specific layer of weather coat for individuals who reside in damp areas. Because brick is a natural, and subsequently porous substance; people who do reside in areas with adverse weather could experience problems with damp seeping within their bricks. This may lead to staining from the bricks, or worse, damaging the structural integrity of the bricks themselves.

However, irrespective of needing to use a single coat of weatherproofed coating, bricks are extremely low maintenance, so low they usually do not even require maintenance after a preliminary weatherproofing.

 It is incredibly common for brick sidings to keep going longer compared to the actual materials a home was originally constructed from, offering an excellent quantity of value for your initial high price of brick siding. Furthermore, it is highly unlikely that you are ever going to need to replace a brick because of damage because bricks usually are not easily broken and you also won’t need to worry about cracks, dents, or punctures too.

Overall, brick siding does have a superior cost when compared with aluminum or vinyl siding, but brick provides the homeowner with many benefits not located in the other siding options. Most significantly they may be low maintenance and when installed, can last a very long time, or even more.

Another excellent property that historic brick siding is its beauty & capability to cool your home in the summertime and warm it during the cold months, thus lowering the costs of the heating bills and furthering the quantity of value you are going to receive out of this siding option. Check out our brick gallery for more details.

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Another more important thing is a masonry contractor, A masonry contractor is a specialist in the use of stone, bricks, concrete, and stucco to build and repair structures; this kind of work requires a lot of expertise and as a homeowner, you may be wondering how you can locate one for the project you want to accomplish. Whether you are thinking about new construction, repairing a worn-out walkway, some home extension, and renovation or remodeling project, you may find the process of locating the best masonry contractors an uphill task unless you have some sort of guidance especially if you are doing it for the very first time.

References: Always, get references and pictures, the first place you want to begin with when looking for a contractor is by asking for locations of past jobs or some masonry projects in the recent past. This will help you to have a word about the reputation of different masonry contractors. Once you have received all the referrals, go a step further and try to get as much information as you can about their credentials so you can decide whether they fit into your kind of project or not.


Talk to businesses and homeowners in your area if you want to know about the reputation of any local masonry contractor; your local home improvement supplies store is likely to have firsthand information about local masonry contractors because apart from dealing with them an almost daily basis, they hear a lot of complaints and compliments about them and they, therefore, know what companies should be embraced or shunned.

Ask for important information regarding their pricing, adherence to deadlines and timelines, the quality of their work, and the general attitude of their workers.
Once you have narrowed down a list of several potential masonry contractors to about three or four contacts all of them giving a detailed explanation of the project and find out whether they are specialized in such assignments. Most masonry contractors will be willing to conduct a site visit and offer professional advice as well as a cost estimate free of charge.

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